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## Current Travel Restrictions and Requirements for South Africa

South Africa has reopened its borders to international travelers after a period of strict quarantine measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, certain restrictions and requirements remain in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both visitors and residents.

**Who Can Travel to South Africa Right Now:**
Currently, citizens and residents of the following countries can travel to South Africa for tourism purposes without any additional restrictions:
– Botswana
– Lesotho
– Namibia
– Mozambique
– Eswatini
– Zimbabwe
– Zambia
– Malawi
– Mauritius

**Travelers from Other Countries:**
Citizens and residents of all other countries are also allowed to travel to South Africa provided they meet the following requirements:

– **Visa:** A valid visa is required for entry, unless exempted by a bilateral agreement. Visas can be obtained at South African embassies or consulates in your home country.
– **Negative COVID-19 Test:** All travelers, regardless of country of origin, must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure. The test must be conducted at an accredited laboratory.
– **Health Screening:** Upon arrival, travelers may undergo a brief health screening, including a temperature check and visual inspection.
– **Quarantine:** Travelers who arrive with COVID-19 symptoms or who test positive upon arrival may be required to undergo quarantine at their own expense.

**Health and Safety Measures:**
To ensure the health and safety of both visitors and residents, the following measures are in place:

– **Mask-Wearing:** Masks are mandatory in all public indoor spaces and on public transport.
– **Social Distancing:** Social distancing of at least 1.5 meters should be maintained in public spaces.
– **Hand Hygiene:** Hand sanitizer stations are widely available, and frequent handwashing is encouraged.

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**Additional Considerations:**

– **Proof of Vaccination:** While not mandatory, proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is highly recommended.
– **Travel Insurance:** It is advisable to purchase travel insurance that covers medical expenses and trip cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances.
– **Online Pre-Registration:** Travelers from selected countries can pre-register online on the South African government website to expedite their entry process.

South Africa is once again welcoming international travelers, offering an array of attractions and experiences. However, it is essential to be aware of the current travel restrictions and requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. By adhering to these measures, travelers can contribute to promoting public health and a memorable vacation.

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