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## How Long Does 500ml of Oxygen Last Scuba Diving?

The duration of oxygen supply from a 500ml cylinder while scuba diving depends on several factors, including:

– **Individual consumption rate:** This varies based on factors such as physical condition, water temperature, and depth.

– **Depth of the dive:** Oxygen consumption increases with depth due to increased pressure.

– **Activity level:** More strenuous activities, such as swimming or exertion, consume more oxygen.

**Estimated Duration:**

As a general estimate, a 500ml oxygen cylinder may last for approximately:

– **15-20 minutes at a depth of 10 meters:** Suitable for safety stops or short decompression dives.

– **10-15 minutes at a depth of 15 meters:** For emergency ascent or extending bottom time.

– **5-10 minutes at a depth of 20 meters or deeper:** For use in deep decompression dives or emergencies.

**Factors Affecting Duration:**

**Individual Consumption Rate:**

– Higher consumption rates: Active divers, cold water, or deep dives.
– Lower consumption rates: Resting divers, warm water, or shallow dives.

**Depth of the Dive:**

– Increased depth increases pressure, leading to higher oxygen consumption.
– Oxygen is denser at greater depths, providing more volume for the same mass.

**Activity Level:**

– Strenuous activities, such as swimming or working, require more oxygen.
– Resting or floating requires less oxygen.

**Other Considerations:**

– **Cylinder pressure:** Oxygen pressure decreases during use, reducing the available volume.
– **Gas density:** Oxygen density varies with temperature and pressure, affecting the amount of oxygen actually delivered.
– **Equipment efficiency:** Regulator and mask performance can influence oxygen consumption.


– **Monitor oxygen supply:** Regularly check the pressure gauge to estimate remaining oxygen.
– **Use sparingly:** Avoid excessive oxygen consumption, especially in deep dives.
– **Plan ahead:** Always dive with an appropriate supply of oxygen for planned activities and emergencies.
– **Maintain equipment:** Ensure that the oxygen cylinder, regulator, and mask are in good working order.


The duration of oxygen supply from a 500ml cylinder while scuba diving can vary significantly depending on individual consumption rate, depth, and activity level. Divers should estimate the expected duration based on these factors and always plan for a safety margin. Monitoring oxygen supply, using it sparingly, and maintaining equipment are essential for safe and enjoyable dives.

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