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## Do Any Aquariums Teach Scuba Diving?

Yes, there are a number of aquariums around the world that offer scuba diving lessons and experiences. These programs can be a great way to learn about scuba diving in a controlled and safe environment.

### Aquariums That Offer Scuba Diving Lessons

Here are a few of the aquariums that offer scuba diving lessons:

* **Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey, California)**
* **Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta, Georgia)**
* **Shedd Aquarium (Chicago, Illinois)**
* **National Aquarium (Baltimore, Maryland)**
* **Adventure Aquarium (Camden, New Jersey)**
* **Two Oceans Aquarium (Cape Town, South Africa)**
* **SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium (Sydney, Australia)**

### What to Expect from an Aquarium Scuba Diving Lesson

Aquarium scuba diving lessons typically include the following:

* **Classroom instruction:** You will learn about the basics of scuba diving, including equipment, safety procedures, and underwater communication.
* **Confined water training:** You will practice your scuba diving skills in a controlled environment, such as a pool or shallow tank.
* **Open water diving:** Once you have mastered the basics, you will go for a supervised dive in the aquarium’s main exhibit.

### Benefits of Learning to Scuba Dive at an Aquarium

There are a number of benefits to learning to scuba dive at an aquarium, including:

* **Safety:** Aquariums are controlled environments, which makes them a safe place to learn to scuba dive.
* **Convenience:** Aquariums are typically located in urban areas, which makes them easy to get to.
* **Variety of marine life:** Aquariums offer a variety of marine life to see, which can make your scuba diving experience more enjoyable.
* **Educational value:** Aquariums can also provide you with a lot of information about marine life and the environment.

### Cost of Aquarium Scuba Diving Lessons

The cost of aquarium scuba diving lessons varies depending on the aquarium and the program you choose. However, you can expect to pay around $100-$200 for a basic lesson.

### Tips for Choosing an Aquarium Scuba Diving Lesson

When choosing an aquarium scuba diving lesson, it is important to consider the following factors:

* **Your experience level:** If you have never scuba dived before, it is important to choose a lesson that is designed for beginners.
* **The size of the group:** Some lessons are small and intimate, while others are larger and more group-oriented. Choose a lesson that is the right size for you.
* **The cost:** The cost of scuba diving lessons varies depending on the aquarium and the program you choose. Be sure to compare prices before you make a decision.
* **The location:** Aquariums are located in a variety of locations. Choose an aquarium that is convenient for you to get to.

### Conclusion

If you are interested in learning to scuba dive, an aquarium is a great place to start. Aquariums offer a safe and controlled environment to learn the basics of scuba diving, and they also provide you with the opportunity to see a variety of marine life.

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