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## How to Get a Replacement Scuba Diving Certification Card

Losing your scuba diving certification card can be a frustrating experience. It’s a valuable document that proves you’re qualified to dive safely, and without it, you may not be able to participate in scuba diving activities.

Fortunately, getting a replacement card is usually a straightforward process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

### 1. Find your training agency

The first step is to find the training agency that issued your original certification. This information should be printed on your card, or you can look it up on the agency’s website.

### 2. Contact the training agency

Once you’ve found your training agency, you need to contact them and request a replacement card. You can usually do this by phone, email, or through their website.

### 3. Provide required information

When you contact the training agency, they will ask you for some information, such as:

* Your name
* Your date of birth
* Your certification number
* The date you lost your card

### 4. Pay the fee

There is usually a fee for getting a replacement card. The fee varies depending on the training agency, but it typically ranges from $25 to $50.

### 5. Wait for your new card

Once you’ve paid the fee, the training agency will send you a new card. The card will usually arrive within a few weeks.

### 6. Keep your new card safe

Once you receive your new card, be sure to keep it in a safe place. You may want to make a copy of it and keep it in a separate location in case you lose the original.

### FAQs

#### How long does it take to get a replacement card?

The time it takes to get a replacement card varies depending on the training agency. However, you can usually expect to receive your new card within a few weeks.

#### What if I don’t know my certification number?

If you don’t know your certification number, you can look it up on the training agency’s website. You can also contact the training agency and provide them with your name and date of birth, and they will be able to look up your certification number for you.

#### What if I lost my card while traveling?

If you lost your card while traveling, you can contact the training agency’s local representative. The representative will be able to help you get a replacement card.

### Conclusion

Getting a replacement scuba diving certification card is a simple process. By following these steps, you can quickly and easily get a new card so you can continue diving safely.

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