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# Where is it Safe to Travel Right Now in Europe?

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are still many places in Europe that are safe to travel to. In general, countries with low rates of COVID-19 cases and high vaccination rates are considered safe for travel.

## Countries with Low COVID-19 Rates and High Vaccination Rates

The following countries have low COVID-19 rates and high vaccination rates, making them safe for travel:

– **Iceland**
– **Finland**
– **Norway**
– **Denmark**
– **Estonia**
– **Latvia**
– **Lithuania**
– **Poland**
– **Czech Republic**
– **Slovakia**
– **Hungary**
– **Romania**
– **Bulgaria**
– **Greece**
– **Cyprus**
– **Malta**
– **Portugal**
– **Spain**
– **Italy**
– **France**
– **Germany**
– **Austria**
– **Switzerland**
– **Netherlands**
– **Belgium**
– **Luxembourg**

## Countries with Moderate COVID-19 Rates and Moderate Vaccination Rates

The following countries have moderate COVID-19 rates and moderate vaccination rates, making them somewhat safe for travel, but with some caution:

– **Sweden**
– **United Kingdom**
– **Ireland**
– **Croatia**
– **Montenegro**
– **Serbia**
– **Bosnia and Herzegovina**
– **North Macedonia**
– **Albania**
– **Kosovo**

## Countries with High COVID-19 Rates and Low Vaccination Rates

The following countries have high COVID-19 rates and low vaccination rates, making them unsafe for travel:

– **Russia**
– **Ukraine**
– **Belarus**
– **Moldova**
– **Turkey**

## Tips for Safe Travel

When traveling to Europe, there are a few things you can do to stay safe:

– **Get vaccinated** against COVID-19.
– **Wear a mask** in public places.
– **Social distance** from others.
– **Wash your hands** frequently.
– **Avoid crowded places**.
– **Stay home if you are sick**.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

## Additional Resources

– [European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control](
– [World Health Organization](
– [U.S. Department of State](

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