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## Buffalo Bill Cody’s Transatlantic Voyages

### Early Steam-Powered Vessels

The famed frontiersman and showman Buffalo Bill Cody embarked on several transatlantic voyages throughout his life, utilizing the advancements in marine technology that characterized the mid to late 19th century.

With the advent of steam-powered engines, ocean travel became more reliable, faster, and accessible than ever before. One of the most common modes of transportation during this period was the steamship, a paddle-wheel or screw-propelled vessel that offered greater maneuverability and speed compared to sailing ships.

### Cody’s 1887 Journey

Cody’s first recorded transatlantic voyage took place in 1887 when he traveled to England with his Wild West Show. He sailed aboard the prestigious steamship RMS Umbria, which was part of the Cunard Line fleet known for its luxurious and reliable service. The Umbria was a state-of-the-art vessel, boasting a length of over 500 feet and a top speed of 20 knots.

The journey from New York City to Liverpool took approximately six days, a significantly shorter duration than the weeks-long voyages of sailing ships. Cody’s show traveled extensively throughout Great Britain, capturing the attention of the British public with its thrilling performances and portrayal of American frontier life.

### Subsequent Voyages

Following the success of his first transatlantic adventure, Cody continued to tour Europe with his Wild West Show. He made subsequent voyages across the Atlantic on various steamships, including the steamships Servia and RMS Teutonic.

These vessels were marvels of marine engineering and provided Cody and his entourage with a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation between continents. The steamships offered amenities such as spacious cabins, dining halls, and social areas, ensuring a relatively pleasant traveling experience compared to the cramped and unsanitary conditions of earlier sea voyages.

### Challenges of Transatlantic Travel

Despite the advancements in steamship technology, transatlantic travel in the 19th century was not without its challenges. Severe storms, high seas, and engine breakdowns were common occurrences that could disrupt schedules and pose hazards to passengers.

Cody’s own voyages were not immune to these challenges. During one crossing, his steamship encountered a fierce storm that tossed the vessel violently and caused considerable discomfort among the passengers. However, Cody’s reputation for resilience and calm under pressure helped to maintain order and reassure his fellow travelers.

### Impact on Cody’s Career

Buffalo Bill Cody’s transatlantic voyages played a crucial role in his international success. By bringing his Wild West Show to Europe, he introduced European audiences to a romanticized version of American frontier culture and became a global celebrity.

His performances captivated audiences with their displays of horsemanship, trick shooting, and staged recreations of life on the open range. Cody’s shows attracted royalty and commoners alike, contributing to the spread of American popular culture and mythology throughout the world.

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