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## Where to Find the Best Scuba Diving in Lombok

### Introduction

Lombok, a picturesque island located in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province, boasts an exceptional underwater environment that captivates scuba divers of all levels. With its pristine coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and dramatic underwater landscapes, Lombok offers an unforgettable scuba diving experience.

### Top Dive Sites in Lombok

Lombok’s coastline is dotted with numerous dive sites, each offering its own unique underwater wonders. Here are some of the most renowned spots:

– **Gili Islands:** Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air form a trio of islands just off the coast of Lombok. Their waters are teeming with diverse marine life, including sea turtles, sharks, and rays.

– **Sekotong:** This area on the southwest coast of Lombok is known for its nutrient-rich waters that attract a wide variety of pelagic species. Expect to encounter schooling jacks, barracudas, and even whale sharks.

– **Bangko Bangko:** Located in the northeast of Lombok, Bangko Bangko boasts an impressive coral garden with a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s also a popular site for night diving, offering a chance to witness nocturnal marine life.

– **Mawi Pillars:** This dive site features a series of underwater rock formations that resemble ancient pillars. The walls are covered in vibrant soft corals and anemones, creating a stunningly colorful underwater scene.

– **Selong Belanak:** This beach on the south coast of Lombok offers excellent scuba diving for beginners and experienced divers alike. The shallow waters are home to a variety of corals, fish, and occasional sightings of manta rays.

### Underwater Highlights

Diving in Lombok presents an opportunity to encounter a wide array of marine life, including:

– **Coral Reefs:** Lombok’s coral reefs are among the healthiest in Indonesia, showcasing a spectacular diversity of hard and soft corals.

– **Fish:** Over 3,000 species of fish inhabit the waters of Lombok, from tiny clownfish to majestic manta rays.

– **Sharks:** Various shark species, such as blacktip reef sharks and leopard sharks, can be spotted on dives around the island.

– **Sea Turtles:** Green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles are common sightings in Lombok’s waters.

– **Pelagic Species:** Dolphins, whales, and mola mola (sunfish) are occasionally encountered in the open waters off the coast.

### Dive Conditions and Accessibility

Lombok’s dive season runs year-round, with the best visibility between May and October. The water temperature typically ranges from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius (80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit).

There are numerous dive operators located throughout Lombok that offer a range of services, including guided dives, equipment rentals, and dive courses. Boats take divers to the offshore dive sites, with most trips departing from the Senggigi area.

### Accommodation and Dining

Lombok offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from budget homestays to luxurious resorts. The main tourist areas, such as Kuta and Senggigi, offer a diverse range of restaurants and bars.

### Conclusion

Lombok’s pristine waters, abundant marine life, and stunning underwater landscapes make it a world-class destination for scuba diving. Whether you’re a novice diver or an experienced underwater explorer, Lombok offers an unforgettable dive experience that will leave you in awe of the beauty of the ocean.

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