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**Is Scuba Diving Free at Sandals?**


Sandals Resorts is a popular choice for honeymooners and couples seeking a luxurious Caribbean getaway. With its all-inclusive concept, guests can indulge in a wide range of amenities, including unlimited dining, drinks, and activities. However, one question that often arises is whether scuba diving is included in the all-inclusive package.

**Is Scuba Diving Included at Sandals?**

**The answer is yes, in part.** Scuba diving is included in the all-inclusive package at Sandals resorts, but with certain limitations and conditions.

**Dive Centers and Certification**

Every Sandals resort offers a fully equipped dive center managed by experienced PADI-certified instructors. Guests who are already certified divers can present their certification card and dive for free.

**Introductory Dives**

If you’re not yet certified, Sandals resorts offer complimentary introductory scuba dives in the resort’s pool. This allows beginners to experience the basics of scuba diving without having to pay for a certification course.

**PADI Certification**

Sandals offers PADI certification courses for guests who wish to become fully certified divers. However, the cost of PADI certification is not included in the all-inclusive package and must be paid separately.

**Guided Dives and Excursions**

While introductory dives and scuba diving for certified divers are included, guided dives and excursions to dive sites outside the resort may incur additional charges. These charges vary depending on the resort and the type of excursion.

**Equipment and Tank Rental**

All necessary scuba diving equipment, including tanks, regulators, buoyancy compensators, and masks, is provided at no additional cost to certified divers.


It’s important to note that the included scuba diving at Sandals is subject to several limitations:

* Availability: Dive times and availability may be limited, especially during peak season.
* Weather conditions: Diving may be canceled or rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions.
* Experience level: Certified divers may be restricted to certain dive sites based on their experience and certification level.

**Additional Costs**

Aside from PADI certification and guided dives, there may be other additional costs associated with scuba diving at Sandals, such as:

* Marine park fees
* Underwater camera or GoPro rentals
* Nitrox upgrades


Scuba diving is indeed included in the all-inclusive package at Sandals resorts, but it comes with certain limitations and conditions. Certified divers can enjoy complimentary dives, while beginners can experience introductory dives for free. However, PADI certification, guided dives, and additional equipment and services may incur additional charges. It’s recommended to contact your specific Sandals resort for more detailed information and pricing before making travel plans.

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