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## How to Open a Temple in Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

### Introduction

Quill Lake, located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, is a unique and awe-inspiring dive site that offers divers the opportunity to explore a submerged temple built by the Cree people over a century ago. This article provides a comprehensive guide to opening a temple in scuba diving at Quill Lake, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience.

### Preparation

**1. Obtain Dive Certification:**

To dive at Quill Lake, divers must possess a minimum certification of Open Water Diver or equivalent. Additional certifications, such as Nitrox or Deep Diver, are recommended for enhanced safety and enjoyment.

**2. Gather Necessary Gear:**

Divers will need a full set of scuba diving gear, including a wetsuit (or drysuit if diving in colder months), buoyancy compensator device (BCD), regulator, tank, and weight belt. Specialized equipment, such as a dive light and underwater camera, may also be beneficial.

**3. Plan Dive Conditions:**

Check weather forecasts and water conditions before diving. Avoid diving during strong winds or thunderstorms. The visibility at Quill Lake can vary, so it’s advisable to dive on days with good visibility.

### Diving the Temple

**1. Entry Point:**

The entry point for the temple is located on the west side of Quill Lake. Divers can launch their boats from the designated boat launch and navigate to the dive site.

**2. Descent and Approach:**

Divers should descend gradually to the temple, which is approximately 30-40 feet deep. Approach the temple cautiously and maintain buoyancy control.

**3. Temple Exploration:**

The temple consists of a series of rooms and corridors. Divers can explore inside the temple, observing the intricate carvings and artifacts left behind by the Cree people.

**4. Safety Considerations:**

– Always dive with a buddy and maintain visual contact.
– Be aware of overhead restrictions and avoid touching the temple walls or artifacts.
– Monitor dive time and air consumption to ensure a safe ascent.

### Precautions

**1. Wildlife Awareness:**

Quill Lake is home to various wildlife, including fish, turtles, and waterfowl. Respect wildlife and avoid disturbing them.

**2. Water Temperature:**

The water temperature at Quill Lake can fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Be prepared for cold water conditions, especially during early spring and late fall.

**3. Visibility:**

Visibility can vary at Quill Lake. Divers should be prepared for limited visibility and use appropriate diving lights for illumination.

**4. Respect and Preservation:**

The temple is a historical and cultural site. Divers should treat the temple with respect and minimize their impact on the delicate environment.

### Post-Dive Procedures

**1. Decompression and Ascent:**

Divers should perform a safety stop at 15 feet for three minutes after exploring the temple. Ascend gradually to the surface to avoid decompression sickness.

**2. Boat Operations:**

Exit the water at the designated access point and ensure that the boat is properly secured.

**3. Equipment Maintenance:**

Rinse and dry all scuba diving gear thoroughly after diving to prevent damage and maintain functionality.

### Conclusion

Opening a temple in scuba diving at Quill Lake is an unparalleled experience that combines history, adventure, and marine exploration. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, divers can safely and respectfully dive into the depths of this unique and awe-inspiring underwater sanctuary.

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