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## How to Mount a GoPro While Scuba Diving: A Comprehensive Guide

Scuba diving offers unparalleled opportunities to capture breathtaking underwater footage. Among the most popular devices for underwater videography is the GoPro, renowned for its compact size, durability, and versatile mounting options. If you’re planning to mount your GoPro during your next dive, this in-depth guide will provide you with all the essential information.

### Understanding Your GoPro’s Mounting System

Before mounting your GoPro, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its mounting system. GoPro cameras come equipped with a standard 1/4″-20 tripod mount, which allows you to attach the camera to various accessories and mounts.

### Choosing the Right Mount for Your Dive

Selecting the appropriate mount for your GoPro depends on your diving style, the type of footage you want to capture, and the conditions you’ll encounter. Here are some factors to consider:

– **Selfie Stick:** A selfie stick is ideal for capturing point-of-view footage. It extends the camera’s reach, allowing you to keep it close to your face for intimate shots.
– **Handlebar Mount:** A handlebar mount is designed to attach the GoPro to handles, poles, or other cylindrical surfaces. It’s a versatile option for capturing wide-angle footage while holding onto something for stability.
– **Suction Cup Mount:** A suction cup mount allows you to attach the GoPro to smooth surfaces, such as a boat hull or the side of a dive boat. It’s ideal for capturing stable footage in a fixed location.
– **Head Mount:** A head mount is worn on the diver’s head, providing a first-person perspective. It’s excellent for capturing immersive footage while exploring underwater caves or wrecks.
– **Chest Mount:** A chest mount is worn on the diver’s chest, offering a less obstructed view compared to a head mount. It’s a good choice for capturing wide-angle footage while swimming or snorkeling.
– **Mask Mount:** A mask mount attaches directly to the strap of your dive mask, providing a versatile option for hands-free footage. It’s ideal for capturing close-up shots of marine life or your fellow divers.

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### Preparing Your Gear

Once you’ve selected your mount, it’s essential to prepare your gear properly to ensure a secure and reliable connection:

1. **Clean the Mounting Surface:** If you’re using a suction cup or adhesive mount, thoroughly clean the mounting surface to remove any dirt or debris that could impede adhesion.
2. **Inspect Your Equipment:** Before each dive, inspect your mount, camera, and any other accessories for any damage or loose parts. Ensure all screws and bolts are secure.
3. **Test Your Setup:** Before entering the water, test your mount by attaching the GoPro and ensuring it remains secure even when shaking or rotating the camera.

### Mounting the GoPro

With your gear prepared, you can now mount your GoPro:

1. **Align the Camera:** Align the GoPro with the intended mounting point on your mount.
2. **Secure the Camera:** Tighten the mounting screw or lock securely until the camera is firmly attached to the mount.
3. **Adjust the Angle:** Adjust the angle of the camera to capture the desired footage.
4. **Double-Check the Mount:** Once mounted, double-check the mount to ensure it’s securely fastened.

### Tips for Capturing Great Underwater Footage

– **Stabilize Your Footage:** Use a stabilizing device or mount to minimize camera shake and capture smooth footage.
– **Adjust Camera Settings:** Optimize your GoPro’s settings for underwater conditions by using an underwater housing and selecting appropriate white balance and exposure modes.
– **Shoot in RAW:** Capture your footage in RAW format to preserve maximum image quality and flexibility for post-processing.
– **Capture Long Clips:** Record longer clips, as it’s easier to edit and trim them down later than to try to recreate specific moments.
– **Engage the LCD Screen:** Use the GoPro’s LCD screen to preview your footage and adjust settings as needed during the dive.
– **Be Aware of Your Surroundings:** Pay attention to your surroundings and other divers to capture interesting footage while maintaining safety.

### Conclusion

Mounting a GoPro while scuba diving can enhance your underwater experiences and allow you to capture stunning footage of your adventures. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can choose the appropriate mount for your needs, prepare your gear properly, and mount your GoPro securely. With a little practice and some creativity, you can capture unforgettable underwater memories that will last a lifetime.

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