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## How to Draw a Scuba Diving Boat

### Materials

* Pencil
* Eraser
* Paper
* Ruler (optional)

### Step-by-Step Instructions

**1. Draw the hull:**

* Start by drawing a straight line to represent the keel of the boat.
* Add two curved lines to form the sides of the hull.
* Connect the ends of the curved lines to the keel to create a closed shape.

**2. Draw the superstructure:**

* Above the hull, draw a rectangular shape to represent the superstructure.
* Add a smaller rectangular shape on top of the superstructure for the bridge.
* Connect the bridge to the superstructure with two lines.

**3. Draw the dive platform:**

* At the back of the boat, draw a large rectangular shape for the dive platform.
* Add two supports beneath the platform.

**4. Draw the mast and rigging:**

* Draw a vertical line from the top of the superstructure to represent the mast.
* Add two lines from the top of the mast to the corners of the superstructure for the rigging.

**5. Draw the details:**

* Add windows to the superstructure and bridge.
* Draw a railing around the dive platform.
* Add a flag or antenna to the top of the mast.

**6. Add color (optional):**

* Use colored pencils, markers, or paint to add color to the boat.
* You can choose blue for the waterline, white for the superstructure, and red for the dive platform.

### Tips

* Use a ruler to draw straight lines.
* Sketch the boat lightly at first, then go over the lines with a darker pencil to make them more defined.
* Erase any unwanted lines.
* Add details such as ladders, life jackets, and diving equipment to make the drawing more realistic.

### Conclusion

Drawing a scuba diving boat is a fun and rewarding activity. By following these steps, you can create a realistic and detailed drawing that captures the beauty and excitement of this underwater adventure.

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