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## Countries Restricted from Traveling to South Africa

South Africa is a popular tourist destination, but there are some countries that are not permitted to travel to the country. These countries are typically subject to travel bans or visa restrictions due to concerns about public health, security, or diplomatic relations.

### Countries with Travel Bans

The following countries are currently subject to travel bans that prevent their citizens from entering South Africa:

– **Bangladesh**
– **India**
– **Nepal**
– **Pakistan**
– **Sri Lanka**

These bans were imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to remain in place until the global health situation improves.

### Countries with Visa Restrictions

Citizens of the following countries require a visa to enter South Africa:

– **Afghanistan**
– **Algeria**
– **Angola**
– **Benin**
– **Botswana**
– **Burkina Faso**
– **Burundi**
– **Cameroon**
– **Cape Verde**
– **Central African Republic**
– **Chad**
– **Comoros**
– **Congo**
– **Democratic Republic of Congo**
– **Côte d’Ivoire**
– **Djibouti**
– **Egypt**
– **Equatorial Guinea**
– **Eritrea**
– **Ethiopia**
– **Gabon**
– **Gambia**
– **Ghana**
– **Guinea**
– **Guinea-Bissau**
– **Kenya**
– **Lesotho**
– **Liberia**
– **Libya**
– **Madagascar**
– **Malawi**
– **Mali**
– **Mauritania**
– **Mauritius**
– **Morocco**
– **Mozambique**
– **Namibia**
– **Niger**
– **Nigeria**
– **Rwanda**
– **São Tomé and Príncipe**
– **Senegal**
– **Seychelles**
– **Sierra Leone**
– **Somalia**
– **South Sudan**
– **Sudan**
– **Swaziland**
– **Tanzania**
– **Togo**
– **Tunisia**
– **Uganda**
– **Zambia**
– **Zimbabwe**

Visas can be obtained from South African embassies or consulates in the applicant’s home country. The requirements for obtaining a visa vary depending on the country of origin.

### Diplomatic Restrictions

In addition to travel bans and visa restrictions, there are also some countries that have diplomatic restrictions with South Africa. These restrictions may limit or prohibit travel between the two countries.

The following countries currently have diplomatic restrictions with South Africa:

– **Cuba**
– **Iran**
– **North Korea**
– **Syria**

Citizens of these countries may be unable to obtain visas or may face other difficulties when attempting to travel to South Africa.

### Exceptions to the Rules

There are some exceptions to the travel bans and visa restrictions listed above. For example, diplomats and other government officials are typically exempt from these restrictions. Additionally, individuals who have valid work permits or study visas may be able to enter South Africa even if their country of origin is subject to a travel ban.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to travel to South Africa, it is important to contact the South African embassy or consulate in your home country for more information.

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