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## How Much Do Tandem Skydive Instructors Make?

Tandem skydive instructors play a crucial role in the skydiving industry, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of first-time jumpers. Their responsibilities include:

– **Pre-jump training:** Providing comprehensive instructions on proper body positioning, communication signals, and emergency procedures.
– **Equipment fitting:** Assisting jumpers with securing their harnesses, jumpsuits, and helmets.
– **Ascent:** Monitoring jumper comfort and communication during the aircraft ascent to altitude.
– **Exiting the aircraft:** Guiding the jumper through the door and initiating freefall.
– **Freefall positioning:** Maintaining proper body position and steering the canopy during the freefall portion.
– **Canopy deployment:** Activating the main canopy and steering it for a safe landing.
– **Post-jump debrief:** Reviewing the jump experience and providing feedback.

## Compensation Structure

Tandem skydive instructor compensation varies widely depending on factors such as:

– **Experience:** More experienced instructors typically earn higher rates.
– **Location:** Instructors in popular tourist destinations can earn more than those in less frequented areas.
– **Company policies:** Different skydiving companies have their own pay structures.

Generally, tandem skydive instructors are paid per jump. The typical pay range is as follows:

– **Beginner instructors:** $50-$100 per jump
– **Intermediate instructors:** $100-$200 per jump
– **Advanced instructors:** $200-$400 per jump

## Additional Income Opportunities

In addition to base pay, tandem skydive instructors may have opportunities to earn additional income through:

– **Tipping:** Jumpers often tip instructors after a successful jump.
– **Video and photography sales:** Instructors may offer to capture the jump experience on video or camera, which can be sold to jumpers as souvenirs.
– **Instructional bonuses:** Some skydiving companies offer bonuses for instructors who successfully train new jumpers.

## Factors Affecting Earnings

Several factors can influence an instructor’s earnings, including:

– **Number of jumps:** Instructors who complete more jumps in a given period can earn more money.
– **Peak season:** Skydiving activity typically peaks during the summer months, which can lead to higher earnings.
– **Special certifications:** Certified instructors in disciplines such as videography or freefall photography can earn more.
– **Customer satisfaction:** Instructors who receive positive feedback from jumpers may be rewarded with higher tips.

## Conclusion

The earning potential for tandem skydive instructors varies significantly depending on experience, location, and individual performance. However, with dedication and a strong safety record, instructors can enjoy a rewarding and financially viable career in the skydiving industry.

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