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## Why the Scuba Diving Merit Badge Has a Yellow Border

The Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) Scuba Diving Merit Badge is a coveted award for scouts who demonstrate proficiency in the art of scuba diving. The badge is distinguished by its yellow border, which sets it apart from other BSA merit badges.

### Historical Significance

The yellow border on the Scuba Diving Merit Badge was introduced in 1968, shortly after the BSA’s National Council approved the creation of the merit badge. At the time, the BSA was reorganizing its merit badge program and assigning different border colors to specific badge categories.

The yellow border was chosen for the Scuba Diving Merit Badge to represent the category of “Sports and Recreation.” This category includes other water-based activities such as Swimming, Fishing, and Boating.

### Symbolism and Interpretation

Some believe that the yellow border on the Scuba Diving Merit Badge holds additional symbolic meanings:

* **Exploration and Adventure:** Yellow is often associated with exploration, adventure, and the pursuit of knowledge. Scuba diving, by nature, involves exploring underwater environments and seeking new experiences.
* **Safety and Caution:** Yellow is also a color commonly used in safety signs and warnings. It serves as a reminder that scuba diving can be a dangerous activity that requires proper training and safety procedures.
* **Underwater Visibility:** Yellow is a color that is highly visible underwater. The border on the merit badge may symbolize the ability of divers to see clearly in the underwater environment.

### Exceptions to the Yellow Border

While most Scuba Diving Merit Badges have a yellow border, there are a few exceptions:

* **William T. Hornaday Award:** This award is given to scouts who earn the Scuba Diving Merit Badge and demonstrate exceptional skills and achievements in underwater exploration and conservation. The Hornaday Award patch has a green border instead of yellow.
* **Scuba Diving with Disabilities:** This merit badge is designed for scouts with disabilities who want to participate in scuba diving. It has a red border instead of yellow to indicate its specialized nature.

### Conclusion

The yellow border on the BSA’s Scuba Diving Merit Badge has both historical and symbolic significance. It represents the category of “Sports and Recreation,” while also conveying messages of exploration, safety, and underwater visibility. The badge serves as a testament to the scouts’ dedication to learning and practicing safe and enjoyable scuba diving skills.

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