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## Where to Go Scuba Diving in Italy: 5 Must-Visit Destinations

Italy, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, is a scuba diving paradise. From the vibrant coral reefs of the south to the historic shipwrecks of the north, there’s something for every diver to explore. Here are five of the best scuba diving destinations in Italy:

### 1. Ustica Marine Reserve, Sicily

Located off the coast of Sicily, Ustica Marine Reserve is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in Italy. The reserve is home to a wide variety of marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, eels, and rays. The clear waters and abundance of marine life make Ustica a great place for beginners and experienced divers alike.

**Best Dive Sites:**
– Scoglio del Medico
– Grotta Azzurra
– Secca della Colombara

### 2. Cinque Terre, Liguria

The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the Ligurian coast of Italy. The region is known for its five picturesque villages, which are perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The clear waters of the Cinque Terre are home to a variety of marine life, including fish, octopus, and crustaceans.

**Best Dive Sites:**
– Punta Mesco
– Capo Montenero
– Isola Palmaria

### 3. Elba Island, Tuscany

Elba Island is a beautiful island located in the Tuscan Archipelago. The island is home to a variety of dive sites, including shallow reefs, colorful coral gardens, and deep-water drop-offs. The waters around Elba are also home to a variety of marine life, including dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks.

**Best Dive Sites:**
– Grotto la Guardiola
– Punta Polveraia
– Wreck of the Elviscot

### 4. Tavolara Isle Marine Protect Area, Sardinia

The Tavolara Isle Marine Protect Area is located on the island of Sardinia. The marine park is home to a variety of dive sites, including coral reefs, underwater caves, and seagrass meadows. The waters around Tavolara are home to a variety of marine life, including fish, octopus, and lobsters.

**Best Dive Sites:**
– Punta Coda Cavallo
– Scoglio di Mezzaluna
– Grotta di Capo Figari

### 5. Aeolian Islands, Sicily

The Aeolian Islands are a group of seven volcanic islands located off the coast of Sicily. The islands are known for their stunning scenery, which includes volcanic landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and secluded coves. The waters around the Aeolian Islands are home to a variety of marine life, including fish, dolphins, and sea turtles.

**Best Dive Sites:**
– Secchitello of Stromboli
– Punta Perciato of Salina
– Grotta del Leone of Panarea

**Tips for Scuba Diving in Italy**

– The best time to scuba dive in Italy is from May to October, when the water is warm and clear.
– There are a variety of scuba diving operators in Italy that can offer guided tours and rentals.
– It is important to be aware of the local regulations regarding scuba diving in Italy.
– Always dive with a buddy and wear the proper safety gear.
– Respect the marine environment and do not touch or disturb any marine life.

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