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## Where is the Power Cell Scuba Diving at Quill Lake?

Quill Lake is a popular scuba diving destination in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is home to a variety of aquatic life, including rainbow trout, Kokanee salmon, and bull trout. There are also a number of sunken structures in the lake, including a submerged power cell.

The power cell is located in the northern part of the lake, near the town of Tatlayoko. It is a large, metal structure that was used to provide power to a nearby mine. The power cell was flooded in 1968 when the mine was closed.

Today, the power cell is a popular dive site for experienced divers. The structure is located in about 100 feet of water, and it is covered in algae and other aquatic life. Divers can explore the inside of the power cell, and they can also see the surrounding underwater environment.

### How to Find the Power Cell

To find the power cell, divers should start by following the shoreline north from the town of Tatlayoko. After about 1 mile, divers will reach a point where the shoreline turns to the east. The power cell is located about 100 yards offshore, at a depth of about 100 feet.

Divers can use a GPS unit to mark the location of the power cell. This will help them to find the structure again if they need to surface for any reason.

### Safety Considerations

Divers should be aware of the following safety considerations before diving to the power cell:

* The power cell is located in a deep part of the lake. Divers should be experienced and comfortable diving in deep water.
* The power cell is covered in algae and other aquatic life. Divers should be careful not to disturb the wildlife.
* There is a strong current in the area of the power cell. Divers should be prepared for this current.
* Divers should always dive with a buddy.

### Dive Plan

Divers should develop a dive plan before diving to the power cell. The dive plan should include the following information:

* The dive site location
* The maximum depth of the dive
* The dive time
* The gas mixture to be used
* The emergency procedures

Divers should follow their dive plan carefully. This will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive.

### Scuba Diving Services

There are a number of scuba diving services that can be found in the area of Quill Lake. These services can provide divers with the following:

* Scuba gear rentals
* Air fills
* Dive charters
* Dive training

Divers can contact these services for more information about diving to the power cell.

### Nearby Attractions

There are a number of nearby attractions that divers can visit after diving to the power cell. These attractions include:

* The Tatlayoko Provincial Park
* The Chilcotin Mountains
* The Fraser River

Divers can find more information about these attractions at the following websites:

* Tatlayoko Provincial Park:
* Chilcotin Mountains:
* Fraser River:

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