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## Where to Find the Best Scuba Diving in Cuba

Cuba is a Caribbean paradise with a rich underwater world that attracts scuba divers from around the globe. The island nation boasts a diverse range of dive sites, from pristine coral reefs to historic shipwrecks. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in Cuba’s azure waters.

### Top Dive Sites

**1. Jardines de la Reina**

Located off the southern coast of Cuba, Jardines de la Reina is an archipelago of pristine coral reefs that form part of a protected marine park. The reefs are teeming with a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, turtles, and colorful reef fish. Jardines de la Reina is considered one of the best diving destinations in Cuba and is often compared to the Galapagos Islands.

**2. María la Gorda**

On the western tip of Cuba, María la Gorda is known for its dramatic underwater walls and abundant marine life. The coral formations here are vast and diverse, creating a colorful and vibrant underwater landscape. Divers can expect to encounter schools of fish, sharks, rays, and even dolphins in the clear waters of María la Gorda.

**3. Cojimar**

Just east of Havana, Cojimar is a historic fishing village that offers excellent scuba diving opportunities. The nearby Coral Reef Wall is a popular dive site with a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, and sea turtles. Cojimar is also home to a number of shipwreck dive sites, making it a great destination for history buffs and divers alike.

**4. Barracuda**

Located in the Zapata Peninsula, Barracuda is a shallow reef with an abundance of marine life. The reef is home to a wide variety of corals, sponges, and fish, making it an ideal spot for underwater photography. Barracuda is also a popular site for snorkeling and is suitable for divers of all levels.

**5. Playa Girón**

The site of the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion, Playa Girón has become a popular scuba diving destination in recent years. The clear waters of Playa Girón are home to a variety of coral reefs, fish, and shipwrecks. Divers can explore the remains of the sunken Russian landing ships and other artifacts from the invasion.

### Best Time to Dive

The best time to scuba dive in Cuba is from May to September, during the dry season. The weather is typically calm and sunny, with good visibility underwater. During the rainy season (October to April), the water can be more choppy and visibility can be reduced.

### Dive Operators

There are a number of reputable dive operators in Cuba that can provide guided tours and equipment rentals. Some recommended operators include:

* **Barracuda Dive Center** (Havana)
* **Buceo Cuba** (Jardines de la Reina)
* **María la Gorda International Diving Center** (María la Gorda)
* **Scuba Diving Cuba** (Cojimar)
* **Dive Blue Cuba** (Playa Girón)

### Tips for Diving in Cuba

* Bring your own dive gear if possible, as rental equipment in Cuba can be limited.
* Book your dive trips in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak season.
* Respect the marine environment and avoid touching or disturbing the coral and wildlife.
* Be aware of the local diving regulations and safety protocols.
* Dive with a buddy and always follow the instructions of your dive guide.
* Pack light and leave plenty of space for your dive gear.
* Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
* Enjoy the incredible underwater world of Cuba!

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