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## How to Say Scuba Diving in Japanese

Scuba diving is a popular activity among people of all ages, and Japan is no exception. The country has a rich marine life and many beautiful diving spots, making it a great place to explore the underwater world.

If you’re planning a scuba diving trip to Japan, it’s helpful to know how to say the words “scuba diving” in Japanese. Here’s a guide to help you:

### Pronunciation

The Japanese word for scuba diving is **スキューバダイビング** (sukyūba daibingu). It’s pronounced as follows:

* **su** (pronounced like the “sue” in “sue”)
* **kyū** (pronounced like the “key” in “key”)
* **ba** (pronounced like the “ba” in “banana”)
* **da** (pronounced like the “da” in “dad”)
* **i** (pronounced like the “ee” in “see”)
* **bi** (pronounced like the “bee” in “bee”)
* **n** (pronounced like the “n” in “nose”)
* **gu** (pronounced like the “goo” in “gooey”)

### Kanji

The Japanese word for scuba diving is written in kanji, the Chinese characters used in the Japanese language. The kanji for scuba diving are:

* **素** (su) – meaning “basic” or “plain”
* **気** (kyū) – meaning “air” or “gas”
* **水** (ba) – meaning “water”
* **中** (da) – meaning “inside” or “within”
* **潜** (i) – meaning “to dive” or “to submerge”
* **行** (bi) – meaning “to go” or “to travel”
* **為** (n) – meaning “to do” or “to perform”
* **具** (gu) – meaning “tool” or “instrument”

### Usage

The word “scuba diving” can be used in a variety of ways in Japanese. Here are some examples:

* **スキューバダイビングに行く** (sukyūba daibingu ni iku) – to go scuba diving
* **スキューバダイビングをする** (sukyūba daibingu o suru) – to do scuba diving
* **スキューバダイビングのライセンスを取る** (sukyūba daibingu no raisensu o toru) – to get a scuba diving license
* **スキューバダイビングの講習を受ける** (sukyūba daibingu no kōshū o ukeru) – to take a scuba diving course

### Related Words

Here are some other related words that you may find helpful:

* **ダイビング** (daibingu) – diving
* **スキューバタンク** (sukyūba tanku) – scuba tank
* **レギュレーター** (regurētā) – regulator
* **マスク** (masuku) – mask
* **フィン** (fin) – fins
* **ウェットスーツ** (wetsuit) – wetsuit

### Conclusion

Now that you know how to say scuba diving in Japanese, you’re ready to start planning your next underwater adventure. With its beautiful marine life and stunning diving spots, Japan is a great place to experience the wonders of the underwater world.

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