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## **How to Make Scuba Diving Gear in Grounded**

Grounded is a survival game where players must scavenge for resources, build shelter, and craft items to survive. One of the most important items to craft is scuba diving gear, which allows players to explore the underwater depths of the backyard.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to make scuba diving gear in Grounded:


* **Rebreather:**
* 3x Spider Silk
* 4x Sprig
* 2x Weed Stem
* **Oxygen Tank:**
* 1x Acorn Shell
* 2x Clay
* **Flippers:**
* 2x Ladybug Head
* 3x Grass Plank
* 2x Antlion Part


* **Workbench**
* **Hammer**


### **Rebreather**

1. Place the Spider Silk, Sprigs, and Weed Stems on the Workbench.
2. Use the Hammer to craft the Rebreather.

### **Oxygen Tank**

1. Place the Acorn Shell and Clay on the Workbench.
2. Use the Hammer to craft the Oxygen Tank.

### **Flippers**

1. Place the Ladybug Heads, Grass Planks, and Antlion Parts on the Workbench.
2. Use the Hammer to craft the Flippers.

### **Assembling the Gear**

Once all the components are crafted, equip them as follows:

1. **Rebreather:** Equip it in the head slot.
2. **Oxygen Tank:** Equip it in the back slot.
3. **Flippers:** Equip them in the feet slots.


* The Rebreather allows players to breathe underwater indefinitely.
* The Oxygen Tank provides a limited supply of oxygen, so it’s important to conserve it.
* The Flippers increase swimming speed and maneuverability.
* Scuba diving gear can be used to explore the underwater areas of the backyard, including caves, tunnels, and sunken ships.
* Be cautious of underwater threats such as Ladybugs, Mosquitoes, and Infected Bugs.

**Additional Notes:**

* Scuba diving gear can be upgraded with the following resources:
* **Rebreather Upgrade:** 3x Quartzite, 2x Spider Silk, 1x Dewdrop
* **Oxygen Tank Upgrade:** 2x Clay, 1x Spider Silk, 1x Weed Stem
* **Flipper Upgrade:** 2x Ladybug Head, 3x Charcoal, 1x Antlion Part
* Upgraded scuba diving gear provides increased oxygen capacity, durability, and speed.
* When exploring underwater, it’s important to pay attention to the oxygen level and resurface when necessary.

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