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## Is Florida a Good Place to Visit in December?

Yes, Florida is a great place to visit in December. Here’s why:

**The weather is mild.** December is one of the best times to visit Florida because the weather is mild and sunny. The average temperature in December is in the mid-70s, and there is little humidity. This makes it ideal for spending time outdoors and enjoying all that Florida has to offer.

**There are fewer crowds.** December is typically a less crowded time to visit Florida, so you can avoid the long lines and large crowds that you might encounter during other months of the year. This makes it easier to get around and enjoy the attractions without having to wait in long lines.

**The beaches are still beautiful.** While the water may be a bit cooler than during the summer months, the beaches in Florida are still beautiful in December. You can still enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and walking along the beach.

**There are plenty of holiday events.** December is a great time to visit Florida because there are plenty of holiday events and activities taking place. You can enjoy Christmas parades, visit Santa’s Village, and see festive light displays.

**The prices are lower.** December is typically a less expensive time to visit Florida, so you can save money on your trip. You can find discounts on hotels, flights, and attractions.

## Things to Do in Florida in December

There are plenty of things to do in Florida in December. Here are a few ideas:

* Visit the beaches
* Go for a swim
* Sunbathe
* Walk along the beach
* Build a sandcastle
* Play in the waves
* Visit a water park
* Go on a boat ride
* Visit a museum
* Go to a concert
* See a show
* Visit a theme park
* Go shopping
* Dine out
* Enjoy a holiday event

## Tips for Visiting Florida in December

Here are a few tips for visiting Florida in December:

* Book your accommodations in advance, especially if you are traveling during the holidays.
* Pack light clothing, as the weather will be mild.
* Bring sunscreen, even if you are not planning on spending much time in the sun.
* Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
* Be aware of the weather forecast, as there may be occasional showers.
* Have fun!

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