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## How to Visit Someone’s Place on Creativerse

Creativerse is a sandbox video game where players can build, explore, and create their own worlds. One of the best ways to experience Creativerse is to visit other players’ creations.

There are two ways to visit someone’s place on Creativerse:

1. **Through the World Portal:** The World Portal is located in the Hub. To use the World Portal, simply click on it and select the world you want to visit.
2. **Through a Direct Link:** If you have a direct link to someone’s world, you can click on the link to visit their world.

Once you have arrived in someone’s world, you will be able to explore their creations and interact with them. You can also chat with them and leave comments on their creations.

Here are some tips for visiting someone’s place on Creativerse:

* **Be respectful of other players’ creations.** Don’t break or destroy anything without the owner’s permission.
* **Don’t grief other players.** Griefing is when you intentionally cause damage or inconvenience to other players.
* **Have fun!** Creativerse is a great way to meet new people and explore new worlds.

### How to Find Other Players’ Worlds

There are a few different ways to find other players’ worlds on Creativerse:

* **The World Portal:** The World Portal is a good place to start your search for other players’ worlds. The World Portal lists all of the worlds that are currently available to visit.
* **The Creativerse Forums:** The Creativerse Forums are a great place to find other players and learn about their worlds. You can post a thread in the forums asking for recommendations for worlds to visit.
* **The Creativerse Discord Server:** The Creativerse Discord Server is a great place to chat with other players and find out about their worlds. You can join the Discord Server by clicking on the following link:

### How to Create a Direct Link to Your World

If you want to share your world with other players, you can create a direct link to it. To create a direct link to your world, simply click on the “Share” button in the World Editor. The “Share” button is located in the top-right corner of the World Editor.

Once you have clicked on the “Share” button, you will be given a link to your world. You can copy and paste this link into the chat window or share it with other players on the Creativerse Forums or Discord Server.

### Conclusion

Visiting other players’ worlds is a great way to experience Creativerse. There are many different worlds to explore, and you can meet new people and learn about different ways to play the game. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today!

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