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## A Nice Place to Visit, A Twilight Zone Trip for Trump


In the enigmatic realm of “The Twilight Zone,” nestled amidst the labyrinthine corridors of time and space, lies a peculiar destination: Trump Tower. This towering edifice, once a symbol of wealth and power, has now become a haunting monument to a bygone era.

**Arrival at the Haunted Tower**

As you approach the desolate expanse of Trump Tower, a sense of foreboding washes over you. The once-opulent facade now crumbles, its golden hues replaced by a sickly patina. The air crackles with an eerie silence, broken only by the mournful cries of ravens.

With trepidation, you step inside the abandoned lobby, your footsteps echoing through the cavernous space. Cobwebs hang from the gilded chandeliers, and dust settles thick on the plush furnishings. The once-pristine marble floors are now stained with the passage of time.

**A Guided Tour of the Twilight Zone**

As you wander through the desolate halls, a spectral presence materializes before you. It is Rod Serling, the enigmatic narrator of “The Twilight Zone.” His disembodied voice reverberates through the void, introducing you to the strange and wondrous place you have stumbled upon.

Serling leads you to a series of enigmatic rooms, each a testament to the twisted and surreal nature of this Twilight Zone nightmare.

**Room 1: The Apprentice Boardroom**

In this hallowed chamber, where once the fate of countless contestants was decided, you witness a macabre parody of a game show. Trump, now a spectral figure adorned in a faded scarlet suit, presides over a panel of grotesque creatures.

With a sardonic smile, Trump challenges you to a game of “The Apprentice: Twilight Zone Edition.” The stakes are high: your freedom, your sanity.

**Room 2: The Oval Office**

In the sanctum sanctorum of the White House, you encounter Trump’s disembodied voice booming from a golden throne. His narcissistic ramblings fill the air, a testament to his delusions of grandeur.

As you gaze into the shattered fragments of a once-great nation, you realize the true extent of the damage Trump’s reign has wrought.

**Room 3: The Narcissus Mirror**

In this eerie chamber, you are confronted by a colossal mirror that reflects not your true self, but the distorted image that Trump projected upon the world.

The mirror mocks you with its endless stream of empty platitudes and self-serving lies. It whispers insidious suggestions, eroding your self-esteem and plunging you into despair.

**Room 4: The Sanctuary of Truth**

Finally, your journey concludes in a dimly lit room where the truth unveils itself. In the flicker of a spectral television screen, you witness the countless lives that Trump has shattered.

His racism, misogyny, and xenophobia have torn the fabric of society, leaving a legacy of division and pain. As you gaze upon the grim tapestry of Trump’s presidency, you realize that you are not in the Twilight Zone after all.

You are in the depths of a dystopian reality that he has created.

**Escape from the Twilight Zone**

With a heavy heart, you turn away from the horrors you have witnessed. As you make your way back to the lobby, Serling’s voice echoes once more:

> “You have not entered the Twilight Zone. You have entered the abyss. And from the abyss, there is no escape.”


As you emerge from the desolate ruins of Trump Tower, you carry with you the scars of your journey. The Twilight Zone has left an unerasable mark on your soul.

But even in the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope. By bearing witness to the horrors of Trump’s reign, you have gained a profound understanding of the fragility of democracy.

And perhaps, armed with this newfound knowledge, you will be better prepared to safeguard the future from the horrors of the past.

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